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“Over the past decade there has been a dramatic increase in financial elder abuse. We as a community must unite our efforts to stop these terrible crimes. Financial elder abuse is a preventable crime. Our goal is to educate the public with safety measures that will remove this type of crime globally.”


Cynthia Healy CPA, CFE, CSA

Cynthia Healy is the visionary for GoGrey.com. She is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified Senior Advisor.  Her mission to unite the public for the protection of vulnerable seniors came from the realization that there is not enough being done to protect seniors from financial abuse.  In her work as a private fiduciary, she has seen the dramatic increase in crimes against seniors.  Many of these crimes have not been prosecuted which is the reason that seniors are often the main targets for criminals.

GoGrey.com was created for the purpose of providing education and information about the crimes of financial elder abuse.  The videos, web content, speaking engagements, and interactive questions are all part of a forum to provide information to protect our nation’s most valuable resource – seniors.

Crimes of elder abuse and financial elder abuse are preventable. The GoGrey.com website offers insight and information regarding four specific types of financial abuse. There are identifiable steps for protection from abuse. There is also a forum for questions and answers on the Frequently Asked Questions segment.

It is our mission to raise awareness and increase protection of seniors from crimes of financial elder abuse. Help us protect our present and future generations of seniors. Working together we can eradicate these terrible crimes and preserve our nation’s most valuable assets – seniors.

Cynthia has worked closely with law enforcement, government agencies, and the public to provide knowledge about financial elder abuse.  Her strong belief is that education is the best prevention of these crimes.

As a result of her legislative advocacy, Cynthia was included in a film documentary shown to Congress regarding financial elder abuse.  She has been interviewed on both radio and television and has had several articles published about her work.


Cynthia Healy

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