Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take out a reverse mortgage on my home?

The simple answer is no! There are more viable and less risky options for accessing the equity in your home. Discuss your situation with a trusted financial advisor who is not trying to sell you a product. As a general rule never sign any documents without having a valued family member, friend, or legal advisor review the documents first.


Did I really win $1,000,000 in a sweepstakes? Should I send them a check for taxes?

Examine the prize notification carefully including all disclaimers. In all likelihood you have not won anything.  Legitimate sweepstakes cannot require payment of any kind in order to win. Do not send money as prepayment for taxes and do not submit a fee of any kind to claim a prize. Sweepstakes scam artists make their fortunes by collecting large numbers of small fees.


How can I protect my mother from caregiver theft?

The first step in prevention of caregiver theft is to conduct thorough background checks on all caregivers that will be in her home. The next level of protection is to safeguard all of your mother’s assets. Remove valuables from the premises and keep personal and financial information in a locked place. Do not let a caregiver handle finances or pay bills for your mother.  Finally, have a trusted person review bank and credit card statements each month checking for accuracy and reasonableness of transactions.


My children have moved in with me and taken over my home and money. What can I do?

Your best approach for handling this situation is to call Adult Protective Services and file an incident report. All reports are kept anonymous. A case worker will take your information and concerns over the phone.  Adult Protective Services will then send someone to investigate the situation.


My neighbor has asked me to safeguard her valuables while caregivers are in her home assisting her husband. Should I do this for her?

Unless you are a legal representative for the family it is unwise to have your neighbor’s valuables under your protection.  There are many scenarios that could create legal issues for you. Advise your neighbor to seek the help of her legal representative or simply use a safe deposit box for storing her valuables. A safe deposit box will provide her with both security and accessibility.


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